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Welcome to ProjeKction!

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Welcome to ProjeKction!

Postby vrooom on Fri Apr 16, 2004 1:59 am

By now most of you are probably saying something like "Why I oughtta...!" and throwing things at your monitor. But it was never my intention of returning at all.

When I offered the site away, I was hoping that some brave soul would step forward and take up the challenge, but alas, it never happened. When Mark Graham stepped forward for the name, I thought, "Why not?". The name of the site had been soiled in my eyes. There were certain people laying claim to the success of FraKctured and so I was glad to see it end.

Then I read the postings of commisseration and the emails of sadness and I realised that I had done something very wrong and very rash. I had shirked my responsibility and forgotten why this website was created by me in the first place. This discussion group was formed to be an alternative to all those Crafty-run King Crimson sites that are out there. This is an independent site with no affiliations to DGM or the Crafties. I realised that the web needed this place more than I realised.

And so I decided to simply rebrand and retitle this site. There's nothing more to it than that. Oh what a cheat and charlatan I hear you cry, but up until Wednesday, I had quit. Then I remembered what and who had made me quit and I realised that cutting off my right arm (because that's what FraK had become to me) was not going to solve the problem. I had let myself down and I had let the membership down. The Missus saw me moping around and told me to get back to work. Now I don't expect you all to forgive me for this false ending, but at least give me a second chance.

Now I realise that banning people is wrong, but I had good reason to ban those members who tried to undermine FraKctured. They will deny it, but I know what I know. 'Nuff said. This ban has now been lifted so expect to recieve PM's and emails from folks telling you just how nasty a piece of work I am and how you should all go over to their site immediately. Their participation is as welcome here as mine is there.

So what's new about ProjeKction? Not a lot really. I added a section dedicated to KC where people can post their thoughts on the albums, concerts, members, etc in an attempt to make some order out of chaos. I will again try and upload some more video and electronic ephemeral goodies for you to sample and there's a new competition coming (once my email address is rectified).

There you have it. FraKctured is dead! Long live ProjeKction!


PS. There are still bound to be references to FraK around the site. If you see one, please let me know!!! :D
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Postby MiKcrobe on Fri Apr 16, 2004 3:56 am

Welcome Back to you, Darren, and to all of us! First off, please give the Missus a giant hug for me. She obviously knows you better than anyone, including yourself. I love the new name and the new logo. I think FraKctured became a self-fulfilling prophecy. With a name like that, it was inevitable. ProjeKction is a much more forward-looking name. And thank you for that heartfelt post--words like that certainly deserve a second chance. I also approve of your new policy of openness. If I remember correctly, that was one of the tenets under which you began this site, which was one of the many things that made it so great. Oh, and I love the new King Crimson section for corralling threads about the albums and concerts and whatnot. Splendid idea.

I think you've done precisely the right thing by keeping everything basically intact, yet making it all new somehow. Let's all begin again and get on with enthusing about all things Crim!
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