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Bill's Leslie Bradley Interview -- PART ONE

This is where writer Bill Murphy posts his interviews with the Crims, and other prog luminaries. It's a book in serial form -- that you become part of!

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Double Bill!

Postby crimcinnaman on Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:50 pm

Really great interview Bill! Thanks again for sharing it here!

LB wrote:Like a ghost picking his teeth with a toothpick.


Great to see that Bradley's son along with Martin Smith are making a go of it:
Streetly Electronics

Check out the Preserving the Past link and then go to the Tape Library. You'll find some great samples there, including the following:

"Mk II Violins - No Mellotron sound collection is complete without it, and no Mellotronist is worthy of the name if he or she cannot play the intro to Starless on it. And yes, you can hear the scraping of a violinist's chair on one of the notes - you just have to find out which one."

"Ian McDonald's Classical Flute
As any fule kno, Ian was a founder member of King Crimson in 1969 and is best known for his breathtaking Mellotron work on their legendary first album 'In The Court Of The Crimson King' which also features Ian playing reeds and woodwinds.

Ian has specially recorded an entirely new flute sound for our new tape library. One listen to it will have you hooked on getting it. As has been pointed out by others, the mere sound of it will suggest 'flutey phrases', as if you can't help yourself play well with it. The breath control, pitch, crescendo and vibrato on these recordings is exquisite and far surpass the original Mellotron flute sounds by the fabled mile.

Tony Levin's NS Electric 'Cello
In a melancholic mood with TL. Instant misery with a smile. Lovely.

Adrian Belew's Sustained Guitar
Adrian had all the windows in the Empire State Building removed and 12" speakers fitted. He then set up a microphone in LA and let rip.

LTinAspic wrote:After Part Two of Leslie Bradley, I have Tony Arnold cued up

Thank you! I didn't realize, or forgot, you had Tony Arnold interviews, I would be very interested to hear about his whole association with RF and the Definitive Edition sessions.
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