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ProjeKct Four - Boulder, Colorado Oct. 23, 1998

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ProjeKct Four - Boulder, Colorado Oct. 23, 1998

Postby Dog_none on Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:11 am

What's there to say about ProjeKct Four? We all know how great they were. No one is expecting anything less than a superb performance. So I guess I'm just starting this topic to let everyone know that that's exactly what it is.

Sid was dead on regarding the opening. It sucks you in right away, and you just know you're in for something good. Seizure is insane. I think it's my favorite of the Seizures so far. It's always great to hear another early Thrush. And of course the rest is powerful, tight and exciting. Trey even gives us some talking stick in both Siezure and Light ConstruKction.

I don't really want to compare it to the other two, because they're all great. But I think, at least upon my first couple of listens, that this is the most different of the three. Some slightly different takes on familiar themes. It seems like the guys were just on that night, and they knew it.
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Postby Riverman on Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:46 pm

I concur. All ProjeKct stuff has that spirit of exploring, but this is one of the shows where they drop most of the cautiousness and take off full-throttle into space.
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Postby Dan Anderson on Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:07 pm

I like Tony's contribution to an elongated Thrush (which never has been much a of a favorite KC piece with me, btw). He fleshes it out nicely.

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Ghostly ProjeKctions

Postby GrassySound on Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:36 am

I have the two previous official ProjeKct Four releases (The Roar Of P4, and West Coast Live), and while I enjoy both, this show has a consistency I find lacking in the aforementioned discs. Ghost Pt 1 is a soundscape assault on the mind; interestingly, this track also features a sample of Adrian Belew’s tape recorded "story" from Thela Hun Ginjeet. This track is a superb beginning to this show.

Seizure is a hypnotic, rhythmic trance of epic proportions, as most already know. This version, however, is far longer than that which appears on The Roar Of P4.

Ghost and Ghost Pt III are really exceptional forays into improvisational electronicism. However, there is not a trace of noodling to be found amongst these performances. Pt III is especially strong, thanks in large part to the programmed and live percussion tracks Pat Mastelotto employs. It slowly morphs into a wondrous atmospheric jam that is one of my highlights of the whole show.

The Deception Of The Thrush is great to hear in a more embryonic state, but even more appealing is hearing Tony Levin contribute to the piece. His subtlety goes a long way for enhancing the tune.

Heavy/Light ConstruKction have never been amongst my favorite pieces performed by the ProjeKcts (minus P1). However, I think the versions done by P4, and especially during this gig, are my favorite of all the "ConstruKctions" to appear to date. There seems to be another worldly approach that makes them more palatable to my ears.

VROOOM. Well, this tune was played as an encore during this show, as confirmed by the diaries of several band members. Unfortunately, it wasn’t recorded, according to Sid Smith; a pity too, as it would’ve been great to hear how this lineup rendered it.

I love this show. It may well be the most consistent ProjeKct concert released to date...a mere opinion, of course, but one based upon critical listening and reflection. May we hear more of P4!
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Postby MiKcrobe on Wed Jan 11, 2006 2:49 pm

I just got this one the other day. It's certainly a keeper. I'd say it's on par with the P3 Austin KCCC release. Highly charged and mesmerizing.
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