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Adrian Belew

What's an alumni? Is that what silver foil is made of? No, you buffoon - this is where you post about ex-members of the band.

Re: Adrian Belew

Postby jtmack on Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:44 am

Gilesfan wrote:This brings up the question "can King Crimson exist without Adrian Belew (if he cannot commit to the band)"?
Should they?

Yes! Fripp is Crimson. RF doesn't have the drive anymore.
Fred wrote:Well the happy face is because Adrian draws his own plan and won't wait for Fripp to act.

I'm happy for Ade too, after the last Crimson Fripp left them all high and dry. Ade seems to be to making a living with his trio, the others seem to be struggling still. Fripps retirement started in 2003 and Crafty camps are his hobby.. Soundscapes his church, DMG Fripp's revenge...
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Re: Adrian Belew

Postby Fred on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:04 am

Well Adrian penned down his thoughts about the situation and it all comes down on mis-communication.

From Adrian's blog!
Life is very shor Part II

the mighty krimson was supposed to perform on the west coast in 2009.
that was where we left things following our last night in new york city.
just before leaving for the power trios marvelous tour of 8 countries in europe
I received an email from krimson's strategic advisor mr. andy leff.
andy asked everyone for their schedules for may.
at the time I believed the power trio was booked in may,
which turned out not to be true (not yet)
and I said so in my reply to the members of the mighty krim.
somehow this was offensive and the whole tour
was called off because of my remarks.
for that I am deeply sorry.
I did not mean to offend anyone.

this morning I penned an email to robert with my apology
and my thoughts about the great adventure we've had thus far.
in so many words I told him I loved him and was very proud
of the work we have done together.

more importantly perhaps I said this,
"any time, any place you would like King Crimson to perform:
count me in. I will be there."

and there it stands.
doesn't mean krimson will tour again
but I certainly hope so.

He who tries to be his own teacher
becomes his favorite student.
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