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Fripp review - Town Ballroom, Buffalo 10-5-05

Seen something about the guy that looks like a mushroom? Perhaps you just want to comment on his diaries? Post all that Fripperholic stuff here.

Fripp review - Town Ballroom, Buffalo 10-5-05

Postby Fred Zappelin on Sat Oct 08, 2005 5:23 pm

First time seeing RF solo. Venue was nice. Going to see Henry Rollins there in a few weeks. A small club with seats/tables on the floor and an upper level where you could stand or sit. Doors opened at 7:00, didn't figure on a big crowd for Buffalo, but when I got there a few minutes before 7:00, it was a surprise to see a major line of a couple hundred people with more showing up behind me.

As Fripp took his stool and started to set up, this guy near the back of the floor section started making fucked up noises and convulsing. He either was on some serious drugs, or had a seizure. Everyone saw it, security dragged him out (with his asscrack showing :P ), didn't seem to phase Fripp.

Other than what what he does with the scapes in KC, I'm only familiar with "Gates Of Paradise". That night's music wasn't as dark and eerie as that album, but still great. The slide show of his photos was a nice addition. Crowd was very into it, and really listened. Kind of glad I got to see RF on his own, rather than opening for another band with a hostile audience. I'd love to see PT/Fripp tomorrow night in Cleveland, but can't. If he wouldn't have played Buffalo, I likely would have planned that trip.

The Q&A session was very cool. He talked about the bad response with PT fans at the 9:30 club, and on the G4 tours. Also mentioned that the Royal Albert Hall sounds like shit for rock shows. There were some stupid questions like "how come you didn't play here with G4 last year?" I wish he would have skipped the questions and talked about whatever he wanted. It seemed like when he was going in a good direction with words, someone would ask him something uninteresting. There was a lady who is a big fan of his wife. She had too many questions about her.

I didn't ask anything. Fripp said before you ask anything, ask yourself if this question is necessary if you had 8 minutes left to live. I probably would have asked when are we going to get a '70s KC DVD, if Bill wanted to rejoin would you let him, or how long will the KCCC go on and what are the next 5 releases?
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