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Fripp's guitars and amps

Seen something about the guy that looks like a mushroom? Perhaps you just want to comment on his diaries? Post all that Fripperholic stuff here.

Postby Whiskey Vengeance on Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:21 am

I can do a pretty good emulation of Fripp's sustained guitar tone with a Berhinger V-Amp set to "Fuzz Box" (with gain all the way up) and an appropriate amount of compression (if I can't get the guitar I'm using to sustain long enough). I also use the neck pickup on my guitar and play everything, even the lower notes, really high up on the neck. It's pretty convincing and will come in handy if my band ever does a cover of "Starless" or something.

I can also get a great distorted Wetton bass sound with the "British High Gain" setting. It sounds just like "Providence". For a nasty fuzz tone akin to "Improv: The Savage" off the Mainz disc, the "Fuzz Box" function works perfectly. If I only had a working wah pedal, I could pull of any Wetton bassline with a pretty convincing imitation tone.
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Postby drdennis on Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:34 am

The matter of technique is very, very interesting.
One might say that, rather than finding a tone
which provides a simulation of a technique, one
is looking for a tone which allows the player's
technique to be adequately represented, better providing
a situation where some music might arrive. Recently,
I've preferred creating a longer sustain by using
left-hand technique, rather than the Fernandes
"nuclear" option. Similarly, playing in a higher position
may result in a different effect than playing in a
lower position. Wow. The guitarist might actually
be able to become more "available to music" even
with the churning of gadgets and ego all around.
All this being said, I'm a complete hypocrite, and love
to bleep and bloop and v-guitar myself to death. But
this is because my technique has so very far to go,
and it remains fun to make noise, and sometimes,
when very lucky,
experience a little music.
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Postby vrooom on Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:39 am

Some of the Fripp sustain is in the left hand. To achieve this, you need to approach the string as if you were a violin player. The technique is similar to vibrato, but instead of moving your finger up and down and bending the note, move it left and right (but remaining behind the fret). That's how violinists sustain and that's how I sustain...that and using my VG-88. Of course, sometimes I rely on the ol' eBow.

Just a thought for all you guitarists to think about.

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