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KCCC 11 - Live at Moles Club, Bath 1981

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KCCC 11 - Live at Moles Club, Bath 1981

Postby vrooom on Sat Apr 24, 2004 5:08 pm

Your thoughts about this album to be posted here - so feel free to talk about your first listen, what you like about this album, what you don't like, etc.

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Postby The Crimson Fox on Sun Feb 05, 2006 12:16 am

Discipline – Live at Moles Club, Bath

I have just reassessed Club 11 in its full glory on headphones which I don’t think I have ever done properly since I bought it. This recording is not comfortable or easy listening (see below for details) and demands your total attention to appreciate it i.e. I wouldn’t recommend you play it on your car stereo!!

The quality of the recording is quite poor (bootleg standard) and there is a blanket of hiss throughout it. I must admit it was quite difficult to listen to throughout in one go and each players individual parts all kind of blend into one messy sound.

Apart from that... I wish I could have been there on that night. I bet it was fantastic to watch these guys play this music as a unit for the first time. My review follows...

Discipline is played true to the studio recorded version.

I love this version of (an under developed at the time) Thela Hun Ginjeet. Adrian Belew imitates David Byrne very well on here. I love the reference to Robert Fripp’s NY3 from the Exposure album.. My house, your house etc.

Red – The power of this track is somewhat lost on this particular recording and I can spot a few brown moments.

Elephant Talk seems slower paced than usual. Adrian Belew appears to be improvising the lyrics as he goes along... All I can say is that David Byrne was obviously a big influence on Belew at the time.

Matte Kudasai – lyrics cut short but sounded true to the original.

The Sheltering Sky – “Go on my son” shouts a member of the audience at the start of this recording. I personally like this version. It’s played faster than the studio version and contains some interest effects on Belew’s guitar. It sounds much more improvisational than the live versions that followed. Fripp does some insane soloing at the end of the piece.

Indiscipline – Bruford provides some great drumming during the intro. It would appear that Belew’s narrative was already honed at this stage. Not a bad version really. Could this band have been called Discipline at this stage? This definately sounds like King Crimson to me!

Frame by Frame – A midly interesting version for once, lol!! I feel like I have heard this song so many times (My favourite Crimson album is Discipline and I hammered this song to death!!). It always sounds the same to me when it’s played live… I’m bloody sick of it!! Does anybody agree with me here? By the way I detect a bit of editing in this performance.. Can anybody confirm this?

Larks’ Tongues In Aspic (Part II) – This version lacks power and bite but this could be down to the overall sound quality.

Now I need the answers to some questions…

Does Moles Club still exist?

How many nights did Discipline play Moles?

Was this the full set from April 30, 1981? What songs have been edited out?

I await your answers….
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Postby phoenixal on Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:02 am

Crimson Fox,
Moles Club still exists, as a music venue, in Bath. They have a website,
which has a "Hall of Fame" section. There is no mention of "Discipline"
as a band, but they do list "King Cimson" (their spelling).
They played Moles, on the 30th April, and 1st May, 1981.
According to King Crimson Live, the set on Club11 is the full set.
Hope this helps, and good review of a difficult release.


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