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First King Crimson gig

Can you remember your first KC gig or even your last KC gig? We want to hear up those memories here.

First King Crimson gig

Postby Gilesfan on Fri Apr 16, 2004 6:28 am

Mine was the weekend of November 5-6 (Saturday and Sunday), 1995 at the House of Blues in New Orleans that I first saw King Crimson. This was the Thrak tour I had sort of gotten away from listening to them since the breakup in 1984. But this was King Crimson and I knew I wanted to see them. I also was curious about the Double Trio.

The first night I got front row in front of Adrian. This was a good vantage point, as everyone could be seen well. I was alone but was right next to a very good friend. It was great to share the experience with a fellow great music enthusiast. :)

I don't know the exact setlist, but I am almost certain it started with "Vroom". It was very loud, but very clear! :D The band had this power which was even doubled by the Double Trio! :lol:
Tunes that were played, included "Vroom", "Thela Hun Ginjeet", "Elephant Talk", "Frame by Frame", "Thrak", "Three of a Perfect Pair", "Sleepless", "Dinosaur"(which I think was the song where they all stopped playing simultaneously and froze for a moment, then amazingly started in without any cue simultaneously! :o ), "One Time", "Walking On Air", "Red", "Indisclipline", "The Talking Drum", "Larks Tongues in Aspic Pt. II" and "Vroom Vroom". There were a few others too, I am sure.

The show was awesome! :o The show the night after, I was not in the front, but it was nice to see it from a little further back. My girlfriend at the time (she did not know about King Crimson, but she wanted to go! But we used to go to alot of concerts together.) described "Red" as "scary music". She liked things like "Elephant Talk", and she really enjoyed the opening act for both nights, The California Guitar Trio. She also bought their CD at the time, which I think was their first one. The second show they seemed a little more together (if that is at all possible! :lol: ) and a little more relaxed.

I was totally sold on the Double Trio idea! :D

Sold out shows both nights! :D
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Postby Riverman on Fri Apr 16, 2004 4:55 pm

Theater of Living Arts, Phila - 11.17.01

I wrote a big detailed review of this show for DGM when the Jestbook existed there, and now that I'm trying to think about it again I can't remember a lot of the small details. This show - my only one so far - is more a batch of little snapshots in my memory now: Bobby blowing powder off his fingers after "FraKctured" (it looked like smoke and the effect was fantastic); Ade grinning and mugging his way through everything; Trey moving and bobbing with a feline grace throughout, culminating in a "Thrush" solo that took me to heaven and back. Pat was monstrous but seemed like he wasn't really into it, even sulking a little toward the end.

Then I read the diaries later in the week and found out that most of the band thought it was a mess. Trey said it all sounded like shit to him, Pat was really sulking more than I suspected, and Robert couldn't shake the familiar 'feeling of violation' the whole night. Then it turned out someone had been videotaping them from the balcony.

Whatever they felt, though, I was in awe. I hadn't known about the addition of older material on that leg of the TCoL tour, so Ade's riffing off the beginning of "Thela" left me stunned with my jaw dropping until I realized I wasn't imagining what I was hearing. "Red" was rapturous, maybe more so since I wasn't sure I'd ever get to see it played live. The silent break in "Dinosaur" was just as Gilesfan described it - instead of the airy guitar break they use on Thrak, there was an ominous moment of complete silence. The guys froze on stage, not even moving, all looking away from each other. And then - WHAM - they all picked up at the same moment.

Some fool yelled for "Easy Money" during a between-song break and Robert made a gesture miming hanging himself, bringing some relieved laughter from the crowd. Ade pretended to stumble through the E's in "E-talk," ending with a laughing "et-CETera!" I was literally covered in goosebumps at the hair-raising coda to "Larks' IV." I guess the power of the music really does come out despite the people involved.

Sadly I never caught the Double Duo after that.. but with The Return of Levin, I won't make that mistake again.
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Postby Indyrod on Fri Apr 16, 2004 6:55 pm

[]My first KC concert experience is detailed here.
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First King Crimson gig(s)

Postby Dog_none on Fri Apr 16, 2004 8:22 pm

I was only a casual Crim fan when I was in high school, so I didn't even make an effort to see the Thrak tour, or to catch them at the Horde Fest.

I became a hardcore Crim fan right around the time "The ConstruKction of Light" came out. I went to college in the middle of Pennsylvania, no where near a Crim stop, but I was determined to see them play live.

My parents live near Hartford, and they played at the Webster the week of Thanksgiving, so I ended up skipping a couple of days of school and going home early to catch the show.

It was okay. The band was extremely powerful and they played a great set, but the venue sucked. It was standing room only, and I couldn't get a good spot. The sound was muddy. I think overall, I enjoyed the show but I didn't really have a good time. Not a great first Crim experience. If this was the only Crimson show I ever saw, I would not regard the double duo as the great live band that they are.

Anyway, while I was in New England, I figured I might as well catch the Boston shows too. Now those were great shows. The Berkely theater is probably the best sounding place I've attended. I was late buying tickets, so I ended up in the balcony about as far back as you can get both nights, but they turned out to be really great seats. I had a perfect view of the whole band, and the sound was just mind boggling. The guitar sounds came through so crisp & clear I felt like I was sitting right in between Bob & Ade. Pat's drum noises were also a highlight. I really wish he had stuck with his V-drum set up. I think he was doing some great stuff. If I remember correctly, Trey was mixed kind of low the first night, but came through much better the second. I don't know if it was my location or if it was the sound guy getting more familiar with the venue. Anyway, the mix on the second night was perfect. Probably the best sounding show I've been to. I particularly remember TCOL and FraKctured as the stand outs of the set. Just mesmorizing.

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Postby Chip Orr on Fri Apr 16, 2004 9:09 pm

My first Crim show was in Columbia Md. at the Merriwether Post Pavillion on July 29, 1982. All I remember is that I was blown away. Saw them again the next night in Philly at the Mann Music Center and thought the Sheltering Sky was transcendant.
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Postby The Crimson Avenger on Sat Apr 17, 2004 1:06 am

1st show was Syracuse on the Discipline tour, in, what, February '82 or something. I went because I LOVED Adrian's work with the TVLKING HEVDS. I didn't really know who the Fripp character was, other than he'd done some with Brian Eno. And I had been blown away by TLev when I saw PG on the 'Melt' tour. Bruford was just some busy drummer who my proghole friends insisted on annoying me with. "Dude, you HAVE to listen to this UK record, man BRUFORD's on it (ok, we didn't say Dude back then)". Yeah, whatever...

So, unsurprisingly, I really didn't think much of the show, other than Indiscipline, which rocked extremely hard.

Several months later, a couple of friends, errrr, properly introduced me to the Discipline record.

Personal, financial, and location issues kept me from seeing KC again until June of '84 at the Pier in NYC. Going into the show, I was a serious KC fan. Coming out of the show, which remains in my memory as the single most overwhelming rock concert I ever saw, I was a confirmed KCManiac. I have a ratty tape (boy was that hard to track down. We were taping that night, with a sweet rig, and got busted by Fripp's personal tape goon. Talk about the one that got away. It's hard to believe that anyone escaped with a tape that night)of that show, and the guy in front of the taper is completely losing his mind. I'm almost certain that guy is me.

This, of course, was before the rise of the internet, and almost instant access to information of every stripe. It was two or three years later that I learned that my favorite band had broken up not long after that evening on the Pier.

News of the Resurrection of the King in 1994, and their return to the United States in 1995 (I was at the first US appearance of the double trio, in Buffalo, happily, to welcome them back) was one of the great joys of my life. And I am stunned that they've been working, recording, and touring for going on TEN YEARS now!

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Postby Crimsoid on Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:42 am

My first Crimson attack was on 16/06/2003
In Poland, Warsaw

This gig was awesome! I remember this beautiful soundscapes at the start :roll: ..... I was in front of Fripp then- about 2 metres from him. Quite amazing experience :shock: .

I also remember DANGEROUS CURVES- which was in half very nice improvised by Mastelotto. :D

KC Live is something that MUST be see by the fan. Atmosphere that is out of this world, loud and beautiful.

I also have a bootleg from that gig.

First King Crimson GIG

Postby icrp1961 on Sat Oct 30, 2004 9:35 pm

MY very first one was in Madrid, august 1982, with Eoxy Music. A fine performance of the whole Discipline album with "Red", "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II" and "Wating man", that opened the show.
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"The Sheltering Sky" and "Indiscipline" where absolute pieces of Music.
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Postby scorched earth on Sun Oct 31, 2004 1:44 am

April 14, 1973 Celebrity Theater, Phoenix

Of course I don't remember a lot about it, beyond a few visual images of what the band looked like from my seat. So it's nice to be able to see video of them playing "Easy Money" on Midnight Special two nights before I saw them in Phoenix. (I think the video Darren has of them playing Easy Money in '73 is from Belgium, but I'm not sure.)
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Postby Guest on Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:57 pm

First K.C. concert for me was May 18, 1973 at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. Massey Hall is a relatively small venue at about 2,500 seats. It was home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at the time and the acoustics are amazing there. (I have played there twice myself in the early 80's. Once opening for Golden Earing and Johnny Winter and once for Ratt.)

K.C. performed that night in '73 on a double bill with Frank Zappa and the Mothers. K.C. went on first. LTIA was the album they were touring. Easy Money and LTIA p.2 were stand outs that night but I'm am sure they played most if not all the tunes from that album. They were in amazing form. Visually what I remeber is that they wore black or white or a mix of the two. (Wetton's Jazz Bass was white and Fripp played a black Les Paul and Violin boy had a white violin and the Melletrons (one for Fripp and one for Cross were also white). Whatever stage lights were on at the time, anything in white would take on that hue. At one point they blasted the stage with all white lighting creating a startling effect.

The second time I saw them was June 24, 1974. Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada. Opening the show was Golden Earing (The same band and venue I opened for some years later). Golden Earing well.......sucked. The bass player tried to play a solo which at one point got very quiet and I found myself yelling "Get Off the Stage" which echoed through the hall due to the superb acoustics. (I was kind of rowdy in my younger days) I am sure I read Fripp talking about the same awful bass solo some where on the net.

K.C was once again fantastic. They were touring Starless and Bible Black and that night's performance is the one on "The Great Deceiver". I bought that release a couple of month's ago knowing that several songs where recorded that night 30 years ago. I am sure that they played "Starless" from the Red album that night . The bass line leading into the instrumental section stuck in my mind and I concentrated on remembering the simple but or so effective line so I could play it when I returned home.

Sadly I have not seen them sense as I was playing six nights a week for some 20+ years on the road and did not get a chance to see them again. Stupid me did not go and see them when they passed through town about a year ago but I will definately go out of my way when they come next time.


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