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2015 Canada Tour and "Selfies"

Can you remember your first KC gig or even your last KC gig? We want to hear up those memories here.

2015 Canada Tour and "Selfies"

Postby Dinsdale on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:31 pm

I saw some posts about a show in September. It appears that many of the participants in this site were not happy with the performance.

I acquired tickets to see the group on 12 November 2015 in Quebec through DGM's giveaway. When we got to the show, we found out that this was a "friends and family" show. So the band played to approximately 400 die-hard Crimfans, who WERE BLOWN AWAY! Almost everyone I spoke to after the show was smiling ear to ear, as they had been since the beginning of the show. Absolutely no-one I spoke to was displeased. I am tempted to say it was the BEST CONCERT (of any group) I HAVE EVER ATTENDED.

OK, I know that is an over-abundance of all caps. Please don't take it as shouting, rather it should represent surprise and intensity.

Anyhow, seeing the Quebec show prompted me to get tix for 21 November 2015 in Toronto. A totally different experience for me, because this time it was a rock-show, instead of a show for geeks who were looking to be satisfied (or hyper-critical). But the band played magnificently, seemed to be enjoying themselves, and kicked serious butt. The set was appropriately 2/3 the same tunes, which means about 1/3 of the set was different... And the ditties they did repeat were a work of the moment, and a joy to behold. No-one in the audience disrupted the musicians by snapping pictures (which I heard had happened the previous night, and at another show). The fun the band appeared to be having was conveyed to the audience, while blowing it away.

The excitement that the three (two and a half, actually) drummers brought to the show contributed to this atmosphere greatly. Not to mention Mel Collins, ladies and gentlemen, Mel F*(k!n& Collins! And the new tune, Melt... Wow. Many of us were recalling previous Crim-assisted-melts we had experienced years ago, I'm sure. I knew nothing of Jakko J (except his name and that he and Fripp and Collins had done a record together before), and come away convinced that he is a perfect example of how this is no slouchy-we are old and will be hitting the state fair circuit soon-tired '60's band-cash-in. They may have been having a great time, but they were working extremely hard.

I think that may be a major factor in the enjoyment I got out of these shows: Fripp and co. were clearly having a good time! Who would ever guess that Fripp would be smiling and taking photos of the audience as well as "selfies" with his camera/smartphone at the end of the show, presumably to recall an occasion he enjoyed?!
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