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Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With/Shoganai EP (2002)

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Postby scorched earth on Fri Nov 03, 2006 1:51 am

Recently in another thread:

The Crimson Fox wrote:Dont get me wrong I think that his last collective release of soundscapes (Love Cannot Bear) is a great album but he hasnt moved any further forward since those performances to my ears.

MarkSullivan wrote:
scorched earth wrote:There are very obvious differences between the Soundscapes on Love Cannot Bear and the latest series, including the performances Darren saw, and if you can't hear it, then that says something about your ears, not Fripp.

I agree. It's not even that subtle: the increased soloing activity over the loops is pretty obvious, and it makes the performances much more interesting on repeated listenings, for me.

A few days later:

The Crimson Fox wrote:Mie Gakure - Superb soundscape, although Robert hasnt moved any further forward in this area whatsoever (what does this title actually mean?)

Too bad you don't demonstrate the ability to "move forward" seen in Fripp's Soundscapes over the last few years.
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Postby Gilesfan on Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:34 am

The Crimson Fox wrote:
Do you think Fripp will go down the releasing an E.P. route again before the last ever studio King Crimson album?

So you think the next one will be the last one?

I am starting to wonder if the last one was not the last one! :roll:
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