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King Crimson - Live at Plymouth Guildhall 1971 (KCCC 14)

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Re: King Crimson - Live at Plymouth Guildhall 1971 (KCCC 14)

Postby CrimsonKing73 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:29 pm

I bought this one on e-bay a few years ago, and dammit! Those Russian pirates cut off the entire middle section of "Get thy bearings" and "Mars" is COMPLETELY missing.......

DO NOT EVER BUY a so-called Collector's Club release off of e-bay, they are Russian bootlegs pirate versions and they edit out ALL kinds of goodies........

but I absolutely LOVED thie early version of "A Sailor's Tale"......better than the too-short studio version. It took me straight to Arabia when I first heard it.

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Re: King Crimson - Live at Plymouth Guildhall 1971 (KCCC 14)

Postby vrooom on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:11 pm

There are lots of pirate stuff on eBay - even "official" stuff such as DVDs and boxsets. They are very professionally produced and I myself got scammed by someone selling a KC boxset a few years ago, which was an extremely good copy, but I managed to sell it on and get my money back. Be warned!
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Re: King Crimson - Live at Plymouth Guildhall 1971 (KCCC 14)

Postby diderot on Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:25 pm

I avoided as I could, but as DGM didn't released Club 16 again after the pitch issue I bought a legit Russian copy of Live in Berkeley and comparing it with the corrected-pitch-digital-version they released years late at DGM as freebie, it's complete (no edit).

Other experiences:
In 2006 I bought Tool's 10,000 Days from e-bay and I was surprised when I found a jewel-case release... The seller was (supposedly) from Germany but in the envelop I found printed: Russian Post in Cyrilic characters! The disc was ok, from a professional plant, but I wrote to the seller complaining about the artwork. In one week he refunded me and deleted all references from this auction from e-bay.

Some months ago I bid a Beatles Mono Box from local e-bay (Mercado Livre). Another surprise when I found out that I had won the auction for just US$ 170. Before the payment I called the guy asking him about the release and he told he bought it from UK. Then I told him I'd give it back if I found it wasn't a legit merchandise. When the box arrived I opened it carefully and listened to the discs: they were all stereo! The artwork was very good but eagle-eyes would find some flaws. Then I wrote to the seller, sent it back and was promptly refunded.

There's a lot of Beatles and Pink Floyd boxes for incredible prices here too.
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