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Bi Kyo Ran, the notorious KC imitators

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Bi Kyo Ran, the notorious KC imitators

Postby Whiskey Vengeance on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:22 pm

I'm pretty sure I've already posted about these guys before, but they are so excellent I figured they warranted another post.

Bi Kyo Ran are a Japanese prog group formed in the mid-70's, and they sound almost EXACTLY like King Crimson circa 73/74. So much, in fact, that their early recordings are almost indistinguishable from the KC improvs of the era. Not surprisingly, they started as the KC cover band Madoromi, pulling off some impressive renditions of Fracture and LTIA Part One.

Here's a song of theirs I uploaded on Youtube from their long out-of-print live LP "Fairy Tale". Watch out for those Sailor's Tale chords at the very end of part one!
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