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recent spins...

Tell us what you are listening to at the moment. What are the albums in heavy rotation on your system?

Re: recent spins...

Postby Indyrod on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:45 pm

Received through an auction site, three concert DVDs, two Pink Floyd, and a 2006 Guns n' Roses show in Germany. And the seller included a bonus disc with a 1977 AC/DC concert at the Hippodrome in London, which blew me away. Seeing the original AC/DC with Bon Scott reminds me so much of the first major AC/DC tour of the States, when they were not the mega stars they soon became. I saw those shows, and I could not believe the energy, especially of Angus Young and his unbelievable lead guitar and his never ending head banding. Only a 40 minute concert, but wow, those guys could and still can rock, and Bon Scott was a big loss for the band, but of course, they survived.
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