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NEW Daily Set-list

Tell us what you are listening to at the moment. What are the albums in heavy rotation on your system?

Re: NEW Daily Set-list

Postby Geno on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:49 pm

Bugger! Why didn't someone tell me this full preorder download was available??

Image Image

Well okay, Bandcamp apparently did, but their email of about a week ago seems to have gone to spam. Meanwhile I hadn't bothered checking because the official page still lists the release date as 7/21.

Anyway, it's here and the first show so far is as strong as hoped. There are fewer improvs than the Midori set, but the jams have great atmospherics and they share the same willingness to mix things up. As before, there's some material from the members' familiar current Crimson repertoire crossed with a couple '80s KC numbers the special guest hasn't appeared on before. L5 is an appropriate stomper for a finale, even if it doesn't reach the same punch of the septet's treatment. More interesting is Mel's addition to the Stick Men material, even if the only newer tune is the disappointing "Prog Noir" (yeesh, that title just never gets any less awful).

What they really need to do next is another installment of the Stick Men + series with Jamie Muir. Preferably in the northeast US.

Otherwise lately...

Gonzalo Esteybar, One Look
A nice short-and-sweet slice of solo guitar. There's some emphasis tones and effects, though all hung on ear-pleasing patterns and compositions. Apparently he's a Kcrafty, and you can hear the influence in there without the pieces needing to fit in the 'usual' intricate mold of the LCG/OCG.

Stephen Micus, Inland Sea
He's one of those artists that's apparently been around forever (or at least long enough to release 21 previous albums) without my ever hearing of him. This is superb, though. He specializes in extremely obscure instruments from all over the world and using them to build solo collages. This is compelling and fascinatingly alien all at once.

Kwame Binea Shakedown, Roots Rock 'N Universal Love
The title says it all, though I'm liking it much more than most. The spirit of joy is genuinely infectious and there's enough rootsy rhythm to merit a guest spot by Vernon Reid.

Lisa Said, Estranged
A quick and basic rock EP. Picture a little Chrissie Hynde and a little early Liz Phair and you're in the right neighborhood.

Loads of Dixie Dregs (I was due for a binge even without the holy-shit reunion news)
Hey Rosetta! Into Your Lungs...
Massive Attack Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1997
Penguin Cafe, The Red Book
Orion Tango, The Apple of No
Trey Gunn Band, The Joy of Molybdenum
The Brain, On Land / Reflection
Jon Stickley Trio, Lost at Last
Kraftwerk, Computer World
Goldbug, The Seven Dreams
Back Door s/t / Activate
The Crystal Method s/t
The Stones, Let It Bleed
Travis & Fripp Live at Coventry Cathedral / Broadchalke 5.21.09
Jon Hassell, Power Spot / The Surgeon of the Nightsky etc.
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Re: NEW Daily Set-list

Postby MarkSullivan on Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:17 am

Last Week's Playlist:

Dave Stryker - Strykin' Ahead
King Crimson - The Elements of King Crimson: 2017 Tour Box
Great box: I like it a lot more than the 2015 one (haven't heard 2016). Disc 2 with all of the versions of Larks' Tongues is definitely one I expect to go back to often.
Harold López-Nussa - El Viaje
Kate Thiroux - Off Beat
Matt White/The Super Villain Jazz Band - Worlds Wide
Oscar Feldman - Gol
Free Radicals - Outside the Comfort Zone
Brian Landrus Orchestra - Generations
Tim Berne's Snakeoil - Incidentals
Darren Barrett - The Opener
Charlie Ballantine - Where Is My Mind?
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Re: NEW Daily Set-list

Postby MarkSullivan on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:14 pm

Last Week's Playlist:

Sebastian Schunke - Back In New York
Gary Peacock Trio - Tangents
Fred Hersch - Open Book
Charles Lloyd New Quartet - Passin' Thru
l'Oumigmag - Territoires
Ron Francis Blake - Assimilation
Dave Stryker - Strykin' Ahead
Diego Pinera Trio - My Picture
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