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Favorite King Crimson Improv?

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Favorite King Crimson Improv?

Postby EruditeMan on Tue May 13, 2014 1:07 am

My vote would probably go to the jam out of Easy Money on the Great Deceiver box set. ...It Is For You, But Not For Us.

Asbury Park, Cerberus, and Trio are some other favorites. What are yours?
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Re: Favorite King Crimson Improv?

Postby Ironclaw on Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:34 am


Maybe this topic has been done before? But tastes change over time. And further improvs have been made available on disc in the past couple of years, so it is a relevant topic again, isn't it? It is a shame there have been no responses to your post. But there've been about 80 views of the topic. If everybody who viewed would also post, this place might come alive again...

My favourite improv most definitely is :


from The Night Watch/SABB. Absolute magic! Ever since I first found out it was an in-the-moment creation in front of an audience I've been astonished such sublime beauty could have materialised seemingly out of thin air. When I listen to Trio I understand why Fripp believes "god" is where music ultimately comes from. However, the attempt to recreate that magic at Mainz is pretty awful.

One of my other favourite improvs is Starless And Bible Black also from Amsterdam. It is supposedly one Wetton's favourites, with good reason. It really builds up wonderfully. And "The Mincer" is great both as over-dubbed song as well as when put back into context as part of the improv The Law of Maximum Distress.

I too really like It Is For You, But Not For Us. There's a quiet intensity and the interplay between the violin and bass works really well. It is exactly what the edited-out section of USA's Easy Money improv promised to be but wasn't.

Asbury Park, in it's edited form, is fantastic. It is "Rock and Roll" as never heard before or since. For manic insanity I like Fragged Dusty Wall Carpet filmed in Central Park June 25th '73. Strange they hardly ever played the song that developed from it, "Guts On My Side".

Of lesser-known improvs:
Good: the one leading into "The Talking Drum" from Fort Worth June 6 '74 including BB's drum bridge. (Man, they really did some kick-ass versions of "The Talking Drum" around that time!)
Interesting but not that great: Improv II from Milwaukee June 22 '74. It moves into Mahavishnu Orchestra territory but unfortunately seems to demonstrate Mahavishnu's superiority instrumentally. "Billy Cobham eat your heart out"? Not quite.

As much as I love Jamie Muir, I can't really get into most of the improvs with him. But, very interesting and a true rarity is DC and JW both on violin together at the beginning of A Vinyl Hobby Job, Dec 1 '72. Atrocious sound quality, however.
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Re: Favorite King Crimson Improv?

Postby EruditeMan on Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:49 am

Great post, I wish this got more replies too. I agree with you on just about everything. The Mainz Trio is not bad, but definitely nowhere near the spontaneous beauty of the original jam.

Daniel Dust is my favorite prelude jam to the Night Watch

The more experimental Atria improv from the Mainz show is a close second for me, but the beauty of Fripp's gentle playing and David's lovely violin keeps me coming back to Daniel Dust. Especially the way it builds and they all play with some dissonance before settling back into the peaceful Fripp / Cross interplay, and then into The Night Watch.
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Re: Favorite King Crimson Improv?

Postby Yali on Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:05 am

Anything with Jamie Muir. Specifically Zoom/Zoom Zoom and All That Glitters is not Nail Polish are my top 3 Crimson improvs. They're just so whacked out and musically varied. Crimson could make a whole album around this stuff if Fripp ever wanted to rehash old material. But it rocks and hard!
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