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When will DGM Live post the P6 show for download?

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When will DGM Live post the P6 show for download?

Later today or tomorrow (Nov. 28-29th).
Later this week (Nov. 30 - Dec. 3) like Sid said it would.
Probably next week (Dec. 4-10th), those DGM fellows are a busy lot.
In time for the Christmas Season download rush (Dec 24th).
Before the First of 2007! The Mysterious Torrentizer® has been acting up since you sods have all downloaded the free version of Berkeley '82.
No votes
Who cares! I downloaded the bootleg and it was horrible sounding stuff!
Real soon I hope, I downloaded the bootleg which sounded like crap; I want to get the soundboard!
Sometime in 2007 of course!
Total votes : 21

Postby MarkSullivan on Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:02 pm

Dog_none wrote:
The Crimson Avenger wrote:
Dog_none wrote:Did we ever figure out who The Vicar is?

YOU are Number Six!!!!!!!!!!

No. But I have to do some serious Number Two.

I think this thread has pretty much devolved into that. How old are you people, anyway? Six?
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Postby MiKcrobe on Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:27 pm

vrooom wrote:You could also try sitting with your back to the TV... :D


Or just put his headphones on backwards.

Your quip reminded of a story a friend told me years ago about a guy who won tickets to an Outlaws concert, but he hated them so much he went to the concert and sat with his back to the stage. Supposedly he never wanted to hear the sound of a guitar ever again after that. Can't say I blame him, poor bastard.
Walking out's just another metaphor.
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