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Racing and Tornado Sunday

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Racing and Tornado Sunday

Postby Indyrod on Mon May 31, 2004 4:16 pm

Yesterday I attended the running of the Indianapolis 500 race, and it turned out to be an unbelievable day and night. The race was two hours late due to rain, and when it finally was able to start, only 27 laps were ran before rain started again and it seemed impossible the race could be started again at least yesterday. We left along with thousands of others, and considered returning today to see the continuation of the action. Somehow the track dried in time and the rain held off long enough and they did complete enough laps for an incomplete but finished race. Just as soon as the race was called, tornado and severe weather warnings were issued causing what fans remained to take shelter. I was home by then, and watched on television continuous coverage of one badass storm moving up from the South. And then the horror began.

The tornadic storms were sweeping an area from Southwest Indianapolis towards the Northeast leaving destruction along its path. Buildings leveled, huge truck trailers flipped over, trees downed, exploding transformers, many trees ripped out by their roots and I was watching this all on local televsion which every station had continuous coverage. The storm started turning more Northeast toward my part of town, when reports showed it touching the ground about ten or less miles Southwest of my home. I went outside (which was dumb) and looked toward that area of the sky and a couple neighbors joined me. Right in front of our eyes we could see twin tornadoes in the sky dipping down touched the ground and enormous transformer explosions which lit up the sky in an unbelievable bright blue burst of colors. I've never seen anything like that in my life. We continued to watch, as the twin tornadoes were continuing to move, and I thought they would move Southeast of my location, but suddenly they turned directing towards my area. The two tornadoes were very visable, as they swirled moving side to side occasionally sweeping downward to the ground causing damage and more exploding transformers.

Suddenly it was apparent they were heading directly towards my neighborhood, and those of us standing outside watching Mother Nature unleashing her fury ran to our homes immediately for protection. I got inside and could barely get my front door shut because the pressure outside was so intense. I went to the center part of my condo, and crouched down in a closet area and waited. The power went off, huge electrical strikes were hitting all over over the place and I was one scared son of a bitch. Finally the noise calmed down, and it seemed to have passed and I was finally able to breathe. The two tornadoes had stayed aloft and passed directly over my condo neighborhood and went on Northeast causing more damage as they hit the ground again a few miles from me. I have to say, I don't remember being more scared in my life than that series of events last night. There's nothing more frightening than to see deadly tornadoes in the sky approaching your neighborhood. Local sirens had been going off, police and sheriff's cars driving around with their sirens blaring.

The aftermath left many neighborhoods damaged severely, but I believe the only deaths occurred in the Southern part of Indiana close to the Kentucky state line. Those storms were some of the most fierce I have ever seen and affected at least 7 or 8 other states in the Midwestern part of America which did have additional deaths. That was my Sunday, how was yours? Oh yea, there are more such potential storms due for today. Never a dull moment in the heartland of America.
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