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My 2000th Post

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My 2000th Post

Postby Indyrod on Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:39 am

Two-thousand posts, sheesh, that seems like a ridiculous number of posts for anybody. But to be real, counting the pre-nuked KCNN forum, and the rebirth, I actually have three-thousand King Crimson forum related posts. Is this important to me? Well, yes and no. My current status in life is far more important and less certain, which is causing me great concern. That's far too personal to explore in a forum like this, as I do try to keep a little of my life to myself, and those close friends and family who know me in a way none of you do, and most likely never will.

So how important are all these postings to me? My contribution to KCNN was very important, because I feel I helped shape that forum into what it became, and not what it is now. I introduced the idea of a "Listening Room", that had never been done before and was very successful and of course continues that tradition right here at FraKctured. It seemed obvious to me, cut out the playlist postings from the Main Discussion and have a special place for them. It succeeded and became very popular. I also started a new Topic at KCNN which was against the rules at the time, called "KCCC Releases and Opinions" within the Guestbook Thread. Dan jumped all over my ass, but Jeff went along and approved it, and it too became a popular Topic and a dedicated place to discuss the KCCC releases away again from the Main Discussion. I'm probably wrong, but I like to think those innovative ideas helped form at least a model for FraKctured. When all of that disappeared at KCNN, I became highly enraged as most of you know. I said a lot of mean things, made a lot of accusations, some of which were well-founded, others of which were only speculation. For that I am somewhat undecided as to if I was way out of line, or reacted to remarkable coincidences that seemed somewhat skeptically described as lack of technical prowess by the webmaster. I'm still not convinced one way or another, so that issue remains a mystery.

How about FraKctured after the decay of KCNN, and all those fucking posts? What can I say, I have found this place to be the most rewarding exchanges of information, opinons, debates, arguments, and community projekcts and comradeship on the Internet I have encountered for a long time. I've been very active in other forums or web site communities where close to the same thing existed, but never quite the same or closeness as FraKctured. Almost all of this goes to our webmaster's credit Darren. His vision and inspiration is the reason we are all here, but of course that would mean nothing without the member's contributions. So, what of two-thousand posts at FraKctured? It's my proud contribution to the success of the ColleKctive, and nothing more or nothing less. Except for chasing a certain other member around the Forum when he first joined, I feel for the most part, these have been quality posts or at least in the same ballpark as the majority of the other prolific posters. The whole point has always been to discuss and promote King Crimson and it's family of artists. And dats 'bout where dats comin' from.

So onward and upward as they say.

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