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The Sound of Silence

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The Sound of Silence

Postby Indyrod on Thu Nov 13, 2003 4:46 pm

I've noticed over the past week or so that there has been a noticable silence here at FraKctured. Not the usual banter, not as many setlists including myself, and very few posts even with a dramatic increase in membership. The only reason I can think of, and it includes myself, is that Crim is on tour, and the reviews and accounts of travels to shows are so riveting that anything else seems pretty trivial. That's a remarkable turnaround for FraKctured considering our past multitude of topics and discussion. Kram has been very silent, Scorchy, not much from Abs, not much from myself or Darren, in fact not much at all except for the incredible reviews. One could probably write a post analyizing this phenomenon, and I guess that's what I'm doing.

To say this is not a Crimson forum so much anymore, has been proven wrong at least considering the state of the ColleKctive since this US tour has started. Most everyone appears to be in a zone, or maybe a daze, aftering reading the amazing accounts and reviews of the recent shows. Questions abound, is this the end of Crim, is this the last tour, what does all of this mean for us Crimheads? Provocative questions indeed, and an interesting change in the environment at FraKctured.

My own feelings. I feel like an idiot that I didn't make some of these shows, even though I did have valid and important personal reasons why I could not, it doesn't provide much consolation. The memory I have of the Level Five tour I attended is so magnificent as I have told in a story, that I really do connect with what people have written after attending these shows. The thing is from the reviews I've read, Crim is only playing maybe one or two songs they were not playing on the Level Five tour. The most notable is "Facts of Live", but pretty much everything else at least since TCOL I have heard live. And that concert I attended was one of the most mind-blowing of my concert attending experiences. So I connect with what Sarah and others are saying, and it reverberates through my soul. I'm getting a DVD player tomorrow, and plan on buying the EWO DVD very soon. Even with the imperfections I've read about, it's still Crim and damn it to hell, I want to watch them live. Down deep, all these recent reviews are both satisfying and at the same time, they are killing me because I wish things had worked out and I could have been there.

Just a few observations on the current state of the ColleKctive, and an interesting time it is for all I assume.
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