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Bright Lights, Cheap Vodka (history)

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Bright Lights, Cheap Vodka (history)

Postby Indyrod on Sat Nov 01, 2003 12:45 am

Here's some background behind my story for the FraKctured Halloween ProjeKct. The story was written in 1987 and was sent as an extra to the subscribers of my horror/gore fanzine "The Gorefest". The story is not all fictional. The car accident which the story revolves around is totally true, and was the basis for the whole story. I really did have that accident in Logansport Indiana, just like the story says, and I was pretty toasted at the time. In fact, I didn't even know where Logansport was (Northern Indiana), or how I got there. Everything the story says about the accident happened exactly as I wrote it. It was Winter 1980, I was lost, I feel asleep for a split second on a dark backroad, veered off the road to the right, and went heading toward a moble home sales park, knocked down a huge sign, and mowed down a steel wired fence. In fact, if it wasn't for that fence, I would have gone head on into a bunch of campers. I totally tore down the fence with it all wrapped up under my car around the drive shaft. I remember I tried to get out from the fence, but my car was stuck, and there was snow all around. There was a house close to the Camper Place and some guy came out with a shotgun on his porch (it was midnight), and told me to stay where I was, he had called the Sheriff. Of course I didn't move, because I have never had a gun pointed at me before, or after that eventful night. Soon the Sheriff came and I was in a lot of trouble, to say the least. Thankfully I learned a lot from that experience, and the penality wasn't too bad, although rather expensive. As I recall, I paid a fine, had my license on probation for a year, and lost my auto insurance. All of this happened following a big argument with my fiance at the time that night, she took off, and I somehow started driving the wrong direction ending up like I did. I think a bottle of wine was the culprit as well as being pretty upset about the argument, but everything ended up for the better. I was not injured, it taught me a good lesson, cost me a fair amount of money, and I still ended up marrying her. The "ended up marrying her" was the worst part of this story. heh Well, it really was. :x

Anyway, I've haven't told that story for a long time, and since I offered that Halloween story for the projeKct, I thought sharing the background might be almost as interesting as the short story.
Here's the link to the story if you care to read it again, or for the first time.
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