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Old Timers of the Classic Period:60s, 70s (&80s?)

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Old Timers of the Classic Period:60s, 70s (&80s?)

Postby Ironclaw on Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:50 pm

Hey, I know there must be a few old-timers around such as myself.

Please list any concerts of various musical acts you were witness to back in the day. 60s and 70s or spill-over. (I was too young during the 60s, but maybe…Is there anybody out there?)

My list:

Chicago: original line up with the late great Terry Kath on guitar (and when they did only Jazz Rock with a bit of Progressive and just a tad of Pop in the mix): about 1974, Los Angeles Forum.

Queen: 4x total….A Night At The Opera tour, 2x, once at the Santa Monic Civic Auditorium (about 10th row) and once at the Los Angeles Forum. A Day At The Races tour, Los Angeles Forum. Jazz tour, Los Angeles Forum.

Thin Lizzy: opening act for Queen at LA Forum.

Jethro Tull: Warchild tour, LA Forum.

Pink Floyd (with Roger Waters), 3x: 1st time, tour while recording Wish You Were Here, Los Angeles Sports Arena-- set list: You Gotta Be Crazy (early version of Dogs), Raving and Drooling (early version of Sheep), Shine On You Crazy Diamond, The Dark Side of The Moon (complete), Echoes (encore). 2nd time: Anaheim Stadium, "In The Flesh" Animals Tour, set list: Animals (complete) Wish You Were Here (complete), Money (encore). 3rd time, Los Angeles Sports Arena, The Wall (complete)--no encore.

Pink Floyd (without Waters), Oakland Coliseum, A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour. (Set list not recalled.) Oops, wasn't that in the 80's?

The Who (with Keith Moon): Anaheim Stadium, The Who By Numbers tour.

Genesis (with Chester Thomson on drums): And Then There Were Three tour.

Rick Wakeman: solo tour around the time of King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Works tour (without orchestra), Los Angeles Forum, about '78??

Journey: opening act for ELP.

Yes (Anderson, Wakeman, Howe, Squire, and White) 2x: Going For The One tour, Los Angeles Forum, and Tormato tour, Oakland Coliseum.

UK (with Bruford and Holdswoth): Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

John McLaughlin and the One Truth Band (featuring L. Shankar on Violin, who later toured a lot with Peter Gabriel): 2nd act on the bill with UK.

Al Dimeola: headlining the night with UK and The One Truth Band.

Bill Bruford (with Jeff Berlin and Alan Holdsworth): this was after Bruford's second album. It was in a small place in LA. The Whisky A Go Go? Madam Wong's? I don't remember the place. But I do remember sitting about 15 feet (3 meters?) from BB.

Robert Fripp: this was Mr Fripp with his twin Vox Frippertonics set-up, free concert and record signing in Tower Records, Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. Promotion for the album Exposure. In this case I was even closer! I was right in front of the man. It was fantastic. He signed my vinyl of Exposure. (OMG, I don't know where that is now….)

Other memorable acts, but of a New Wave variety:

Elvis Costello (late 70s), Santa Monica Civic.

Talking Heads (around the time of Fear of Music), Santa Cruz, California.

B52s: (opening act for Talking Heads).

Unknown genre of rock (progressive new wave?):

The Tubes, tour for their first album, 7th row, San Bernardino California.

There were a few more…but I can't recall very clearly….too many dead neurons….
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Re: Old Timers of the Classic Period:60s, 70s (&80s?)

Postby Krimzep on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:52 pm

To young to have seen them in the original days but,

I've seen Jimmy page 5x

Robert Plant 1x

Pink Floyd 1994 1x

Stevie Ray Vaughan 1X

Faith No more 1x

Gov. Muls 2x

Ted Nugent 1x

these are off the top of my head I would have to did out my ticket stubs for more.
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Re: Old Timers of the Classic Period:60s, 70s (&80s?)

Postby diderot on Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:02 am

Very few bands came to these lands in the '70s (Alice Cooper in '74, Genesis in '77), but the only acts I managed to see in the '80s were:
- Queen - 1981 (The Game tour?)
- Rick Wakeman - 1982

In the '90s:
- The Cult '92
- Tom Jobim '97
- Emerson, Lake & Palmer '97
- Marilyn Manson '97
- Steve Vai '98
- John Cale '99
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Re: Old Timers of the Classic Period:60s, 70s (&80s?)

Postby Ironclaw on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:14 am

diderot, that reminds me, I saw Alice Cooper, Welcome to My Nightmare tour. Thanks for reactivating my neurons. Maybe the brain does regenerate after all!

And if we go later than 80s, well I could mention that I saw Paul McCartney just a couple of weeks ago in Japan. It was unimaginably better than I expected, even with his 70 something year-old voice.
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