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Inner Knot Newsletter

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Postby diderot on Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:12 pm

LightCurves wrote:
RYG wrote:Maybe it's still in pre-order but has anyone gotten KCCC # 35 (Denver 1972) yet? If so, what are your impressions? Is sound quality good ? Is it a worthwhile pick up?

Any opinions on KCCC#35 yet?

I've listened to it a couple of times. The sound quality is good (not great: 3.5 out of 5) but sometimes it oscillates from one channel to the other, like a chewed cassete tape. On Ladies of the Road they loose track in the chorus, very funny...
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Postby Yorkshire Square on Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:45 pm

I've just been catching up on ordering the last few CC's, so hopfully this is winging its way over the Atlantic right now.

Also ordered "At the End of Time" CD and mug (!). I'm sure it will make my coffee taste so much better. :wink:
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Postby Indyrod on Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:30 pm

Dear friends,
To Deceive, Or Not To Deceive

15 years after the release of the original set, The Great Deceiver is now available as two 2CD value-priced sets. Part 1 chronicles portions of the Providence 1974, Glasgow 1973 and Penn State University shows. Part 2 includes tracks from Pittsburgh 1974, Penn State University 1974, Toronto 1974 and Zurich 1973 shows. The music remains the same as the original set, with updated artwork and original diaries and notes.

Both sets are offered at a 15% discount for the month of October.

We have a limited number of the original set in stock, and we will continue to sell these through the shop as well.

King Crimson - The Great Deceiver: Vol. 1
King Crimson - The Great Deceiver: Vol 2

The Stick Man Cometh

Tony Levin's new disc, Stick Man continues to receive rave reviews. Order now and receive an autographed copy at no extra charge. Read Tony's on-line road diaries for updates on potential hand cramps from signing so many discs. Upcoming live shows for Tony include October 19th With California Guitar Trio at Keegan Ales Kingston, NY 845 331-2739; October 27th, 28th Bass Player Magazine Live Event at the Millennium Broadway, NYC, and November 3rd with California Guitar Trio at The Ark, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tony Levin - Stick Man

Beyond Genius

Originally titled The Unreleased Works of Startling Genius, the new Fripp & Eno disc is officially entitled Beyond Even: (1992-2006). Order now and receive one of the limited edition two disc sets, in which music on one disc plays continuously, while other version contains breaks between tracks. Once the original pressing is out of stock, the release will contain one CD at the same price as the limited edition.

Also, be sure to check out the latest offerings at which currently is King Crimson - Radio Ads
"Here we have three promotional radio adverts from the 1970s designed to make the record buying public on both sides of the Atlantic rush out to the nearest store, grab the lapels of an unsuspecting member of staff and demand..."

Fripp & Eno - Beyond Even (1992 - 2006) Limited Edition

Pole Vault

Tuner's Pole was recently listed as one of the top 50 Prog releases of all time in Modern Drummer Magazine. Also included is a full artist update on a most-deserving Pat M. King Crimson receive nods in the prog list too, so be sure to check it out. And, obviously, if you have not ordered your copy of Pole yet, do it now!

Tuner - Pole

Et Tu, TU?

Speaking of Pat, he and Trey have some upcoming dates for their band TU. Check out Trey's myspace page for details, and to get news on his latest project, The Arrow by Quodia.

Quodia - The Arrow

Speaking of Live

Friend of DGM, Juan Carlos Quintero, makes a return to the LA stage tomorrow night, Thursday, October 4th, at Catalina's Jazz Club in Hollywood at 8PM. Team Inner Knot will be in attendance so please come say "hello".

The California Guitar Trio continues to maintain their commitment to touring. Check out the following link for their most recent tour dates, including some shows with Tony Levin.

Club 36

We plan to release the next Club CD in November. Until then, you can still enter the latest Degrees of Separation contest. Simply connect Robert to Sade through live performance or artists playing on an album together in as few steps as possible and send your solution to mailorderdgm@aol. with subject header DOS. Because we are extending the time on this particular contest, we are upping the prize as well. All who have entered already are eligible, as are new entrants, to win $100.00 to the DGM shop.

New Merch Coming Soon

To gear for the Holiday season, we are working to add new and unique items to the DGM shop. Stay tuned for more details.

New Contest

In addition to our DOS contest, we are offering a new quiz for the month of October. Send your list of the best 3-band line-up, including King Crimson of course, of all time. We will choose one winner at random for a $50.00 gift certificate to the DGM shop. Please send entries to with subject header "LineUp". You can choose musicians and artists that are still performing together, or those from years past. We will list some of the more creative, as well as any that are popular choices, in the next newsletter, but the winner will be chosen at random. Best of luck!!

Friends of DGM

Go to for news on the latest Samadhisound release, Slope by Steve Jansen (David plays on a few tracks), or for current European and Japanese tour dates for David. Also available is the limited edition release by David,'When loud weather buffeted Naoshima', originally commissioned as part of the Standard 2 festival 06/07, as well the permanent collection of the Naoshima Fukutake art museum foundation.

Bill Bruford continues to add CDs to his shop, including a release featuring Bill and Keiko Abe with The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam. Visit to read Bill's latest news, or to link to his shop
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Postby RYG on Fri Oct 05, 2007 2:42 pm

Tried sending an E-mail for the contest a few times. Their mailbox is full. Typical DGM ineptitude.
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby Riverman on Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:52 pm

Dear friends,

You may notice that we are using a new e-mail address for all correspondence, (Our previous e-mail address is still valid as well.) April finds DGM's mail order shop announcing the latest must-have releases from the KCCC and others. We also bring you a DGMLive update, and new and old DOS (Degrees of Separation contest) details, as well as.... something for the ladies....we know there are a few of you reading this update! So, men and women alike, log off of Facebook, put down the WII remote, grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and crank up the Crimson as you read the latest from around our water cooler.

CJ3 Hits Another Home Run

If you thought volume one was amazing, wait until you hear Volume Two of the Crimson Jazz Trio's "King Crimson Songbook". Containing loving liner notes regarding dear friend Ian Wallace from Jody Nardone, Tim Landers and Marjorie Pomeroy-Wallace, Volume Two is a masterful interpretation of Crimson classics that is sure to please KC enthusiasts and jazz aficionados alike.

CJ3: The King Crimson Songbook Vol. 2

Red Sox, Baked Beans, Harvard and Paul Revere

Boston has more to offer than baseball, good food, universities, and a bit of has King Crimson, March 27, 1972, now available as Club 40 of the KCCC. Pre-order your copy now.

King Crimson - CC- Live in Boston, MA, March 27, 1972

The Eyes Have It

The double DVD showcasing King Crimson in Japan in 2000 & 2003 is back in stock (as a pre-order). This two DVD set will also be available at traditional retail this May in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

King Crimson -Eyes Wide Open (Double DVD)


"Quiver", the sophomore release from KTU (Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto and Kimmo Pohjonen) is available now as a pre-order. It will be available at retail in the U.S. in early May.

KTU - Quiver

Sticky Business

Just when you thought your frig could take more, time to make room for volume five of our collectable magnet series. Volume five contains stunning artwork from Pam Crook, including the covers of "Epitaph", "The Power To Believe", and "Level Five" (some of you may have received TPTB and L5 as a free gift during the holidays). Available individually or at a reduced rate as a set.

Magnets - Collectors' Series Vol 5

100% Discipline, 40% Discount

Actually, two t-shirts are available this month at a greatly reduced price. Order the traditional version of "Discipline' or the "Exposure" t-shirt at a 40% savings.

T-Shirt - King Crimson - Discipline
T-Shirt - Exposure

Tickles and Twitter

The latest Hot Tickle from DGMLive is 'Idea Slow Drums'. As for Twitter, or "Tweet of a Perfect Pair" as Sid so cleverly stated, read the latest DGMLive updates on the most recent (at least that we are aware of) social networking site. Where else can you read riveting news such as "sounds coming down the chimney & out of fireplace in Chamber of Venality indicate the likelihood of a birds' nest at the top of the stack"?


Congratulations to Heitor Mendes Pannuti for connecting Robert Fripp to Flavor Flav in a mere two steps (surprised us!). Heitor connected them through Flea who played with Flav on George Clinton's track 'Paint the White House Black', as well as with Robert on "Sidi Mansour" by Cheikha Rimitti (a wonderful CD, btw, that we wish were not currently out of print). Other common, but slightly lengthier, solutions included Bill Laswell or Vernon Reid. Thank you, as always, to all who participated in this contest.


Connect Robert Fripp to Faith Hill in as few steps as possible, either through having played on the same track together, or having performed together live on stage, and e-mail solutions to with subject header DOS. One winner will be chosen at random from all entries with fewest number of steps, and they will receive a free Club CD of their choice.

We Recommend

Click on the following link to view all the latest additions to the shop including "Insurgentes" from Steven Wilson and "Radiation" from UKZ. We have also added a Women's style "Discipline" tee. We only ordered five of them (just kidding, of course!).

New To The Shop

Enjoy the music,
The DGM Shop Team
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby Indyrod on Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:38 pm

40th Anniversary Editions
In 1969 King Crimson's debut album was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Its release marked the beginning of a lengthy but unconventional career which has confounded expectations, transgressed boundaries and has kept fans and critics alike on their toes.

To celebrate 40 years of the Crimson Kings, DGM & Panegyric proudly announce the release of a series of CD/DVD-A editions of the original King Crimson studio albums.

Each CD/DVD-A release features the full original album plus bonus tracks on the CD. Two of the titles – Lizard & In the Court of the Crimson King feature entirely new 2009 stereo album mixes by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp.

The DVD-A presents each album fully remixed into stunning 5.1 Surround Sound with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) in the producer role and King Crimson founder member Robert Fripp as executive producer.

The first three titles are set for release this year with further titles to follow throughout 2010:

Red: September 21st 2009
In the Court of the Crimson King: October 12th 2009 (various editions)
Lizard: October 26th 2009

The (re)construction of a vintage Frippertronics gig
Alex "Stormy" Mundy has pieced together a stunning Frippertronics from 1981. "I managed to sync up the solos with the loops which were on separate reels" says Alex. "The only guide that I had was that you could hear the loops from Robert's guitar pickup when he wasn’t soloing." Fripp's soloing has a blistering urgency to it and the results (both sonically and musically) are devastatingly good. An absolute must-have for Frippertronics fans.

Disengage Online EP
In the run-up to the recording of Exposure in 1977, Robert Fripp asked John Wetton and Phil Collins to join him in the studio to try out track he was working on.

Consisting of four different takes of the same track, we get to hear the anatomy of Disengage as it begins to breath and stretch. It's interesting to hear each musician trying out little experiments, pockets, retreats and chancing the occasional headlong thrust as the temperature rises or the inclination takes them.

Not all of it us quite yet under their fingertips so we hear the musicians listening to the parts, their own groove, and the others in the room - though not always in that order. And how about that brief break-out solo from Robert on version 2. Phew! Never mind what might have been - here it is!

At only $2 FLAC / $1 mp3 for over 12 minutes worth of music you’d be mad not to download this one.

The Mincer Restored
King Crimson
Live in Zurich
November 15, 1973

When the track The Mincer appeared on Starless & Bible Black it represented a new way of approaching the process for Crimson; taking live improvisations and then editing and over-dubbing new parts to create an interesting hybrid.

In an exclusive interview, Crimson violinist David Cross talks about this approach in the liner notes to this concert.

Although parts of this show recorded at Zurich’s Volkhaus on the 15th November 1973 have been previously released on disc 4 of The Great Deceiver box set, this is the first time the entire performance that night has seen the light of day.

Using bootleg sources to restore that section of the gig originally excised to create The Mincer, David Singleton and Alex Mundy have recreated an evening of music which underscores Crimson’s reputation as one of the classic must-see live acts of the 70s.

This double album is available for pre-order now at DGMLive
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby Indyrod on Fri May 07, 2010 8:33 pm

Dear friends,
May has arrived and brings with it, not only better weather for many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but also your (drum roll please) monthly DGM shop newsletter. We toyed with the idea of creating a FIFA World Cup themed newsletter, but realized we do not actually possess enough football (soccer for some of us!) vocabulary to pull it off. So, instead we have chosen whichever subject headers suit our fancy, and as usual, request that you bear with any of our potentially-pedestrian jokes.

To The Victors Go The Spoils

In our last full-size newsletter we ran two contests and are happy to announce that Lee Farber of Los Angeles is the recipient of a $50.00 gift certificate to the DGM shop for being the only entrant to provide the three correct dates. Question 3 stumped many who gave us the date for the start of the DGMLive site, but the date of first version of the DGM website launched July 21, 1998. Lee must have purchased one of our KC calendars!

We next move onto the DOS contest, where things really begin to get interesting. First of all, a big thank you to so many who took the time to provide three solutions linking Robert Fripp to Eric Clapton, and we are amazed at how many were able to do so in a collective six steps. Many provided two step solutions through Mel Collins, Daryl Hall, David Bowie, Ian Wallace, Elton John and Phil Collins. We chose one winner at random, and offer our congratulations to Jeffrey Grondahl of Connecticut. Jeffrey can choose any t-shirt in the shop as his gift.

To preface our last contest, we began by mentioning how Degrees of Separation often revolve around Kevin Bacon, and we were surprised at how many provided creative solutions for this too. Although no prizes awarded, we wanted to list a few honorable mentions for their creativity. Christopher Fenn is a stage manager and guitar tech for Kevin Bacon, and when previously working with Blue Oyster Cult, had the opportunity to meet members of KC. We know this does not follow the rules, but thought it was an interesting tidbit. Johm Lovaas and Mark (no last name submitted) were able to connect KB and RF musically through, none other than Daryl Hall! The Bacon Brothers performed on an episode of Live from Daryl's House. Alex Johnston actually confirmed the Kevin Bacon Degrees theory by connecting RF and Eric Clapton through Bacon! Kevin acted in the movie 'Animal House' with John Belushi. Donald Dunn of Booker T. & the M.G.s played bass in the 'Blues Brothers' and also played on Clapton's 'Money and Cigarettes' album. Way to go Alex! And, we won't go into details, but David Martin's "obvious, controversial and concrete thinking" solutions took us by surprise to say the least!

Now, for the next DOS contest, same rules apply....please provide three solutions connecting RF to Michael McDonald and email them to with subject header DOS. One winner will be chosen at random from all with fewest number of collective solutions and will win a free t-shirt from the DGM shop.

Gunn Your Engines

Trey Gunn is back with a new CD "Modulator", to be released mid May. Check out the following link to read the interesting history of the birth of this disc which includes a live drum solo from Marco Minnemann.

Trey Gunn - Modulator

Slick Bass

Robert Fripp, Pat Mastelotto, Marco Minnemann and more join bassist Julie Slick, of Adrian Belew Power Trio fame, on her debut self-titled album. Click on the following link to pre-order your copy now, or to learn more about this exciting new release.

Julie Slick - Julie Slick

MAY I Have a Discount Please?

Well, yes you MAY. For the month of May, each disc in the 30th Anniversary KC Series, from In The Court through EleKtrik, is listed at a 15% savings. This is great way to make sure your collection of Crimson is complete, or to introduce a friend to true classics.

May 2010 Sale

Reorganizing ProjeKct

It pays to Spring Clean (we have added a few more sale items to this category, by the way). As we continue to better organize, we discovered a handful of the out-of-print ProjeKct box sets which we have added to the shop.

King Crimson - The ProjeKcts - Box Set


The latest Hot Tickle is 'Non Loop Idea VII'...visit for more details or to obtain this free download!

On The Marquee

'In The Wake', 'Islands', and 'Beat' are still slated as the next releases in the 40th Anniversary series and we are aiming now for beginning with a September release and will keep you posted. We will also bring news of our next Club CD in our forthcoming newsletter. The latest from Theo Travis and Robert Fripp, as well as Jakko's CD, will be added shortly and we will send news when they are available. On the merch front, due to continued suggestions, we are creating a silk version of the In The Court tie, details coming soon. And for all you grillers out there, a Schizoid apron is in the works too!

As always, we thank you for your time and ask only that you continue to enjoy the music,
The DGM Shop Team

Discipline Global Mobile
P.O. Box 5282
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby diderot on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:01 am

Not exactly an Inner Knot Newsletter but I found at their Facebook page they are making a big discount for those who buy the whole 1995 tour (European leg - 14 shows). Each show would cost $ 4,28 (flac) or $ 3,28 (mp3).

The funny thing is that I was thinking about this last week and remembering that Darren said about the high price of each download.

Ok, 60 bucks isn't cheap but it seems a bargain. I hope they do it again for the Larks'/Starless era. :D
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby Fred on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:06 am

diderot wrote:I hope they do it again for the Larks'/Starless era. :D

There is a change the will do that as on the news section of DGMLive the ask people there thoughts about this "new" concept.

DGMLive wrote:]Obviously this is something of an experiment and we’ll monitor the situation to see if this is worth doing with other KC and related tours. Please let us know your thoughts and views over on the guest book.
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Re: Inner Knot Newsletter

Postby vrooom on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:01 pm

Yeah - it's a nice idea but if the tour is a bit "samey" then I won't be parting with the cash. Of course, the 95 tour is a bit samey, not like the 2000 tour which was packed with improvs and alterations to the setlist. I'm going to buy the gig I was at though!

But what the fans really, really, really want is the release of the video footage in a deluxe package from the BootlegTV series of 2000. I think a few of us would pay up for such a deal. I wish they'd stop beating around the bush with that one!
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